About Me

Why, hello there, you’ve stumbled upon this little descriptive page of the elusive blogger.

I’m a quietly confident Sagittarian who’s currently pursuing an undergraduate in law at the University of Adelaide. I won’t consider myself shy, but I’m certainly not that outgoing either. I’m not a lover of crowds or anywhere that is packed with people. I actually prefer to loiter/hang out in between classes (if possible) in coffeehouses/cafes with soft, melodious songs and good coffee to date my books.

I love nothing more than a discussion on history, politics, law and anything in between. Now, you might be wondering what a law student is doing in the creative atmosphere. I wouldn’t blame you for thinking so because I’ve those moments when I myself am doubting if I’m in the right field of studies, lol.

Feel free to nod a smile or wave a hello to me if you ever see me on campus. I may growl (especially when I’m sleep-deprived or stressed), but I won’t bite. =P

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